Kinectimals shown off

Tigers as cuddly pets and scan codes abound

Kinectimals was confirmed as another title in development for Microsoft's Kinect last night.

Eyed by Jon Hicks over in the US for OXM UK, Kinectimals will let you keep dangerous animals as pets, so it's a bit like Microsoft's equivalent of EyePet.

One example named by OXM was a girl who taught a tiger tricks by performing them herself. When she rolled over, the tiger did the same.

The end of the demo also promised panthers, lynx and leopards for the game but the interesting part was when leaving journalists were handed plushie toys of the animals. Okay, that's not the interesting part but the toys contained scan codes which were compatible with the game and Microsoft's Kinectic tech.

Think Viva Pinata: Trouble in Paradise's scan codes and you're thinking along the right lines.

While it's unlikely Kinectimals will set the world on fire, it'll be interesting to see what it does with the scan code idea and how many other developers try it themselves.