Zelda Wii rumours arrive

Name, new character, hookshot exposed?

Zelda Wii is set to be unveiled tomorrow at Nintendo's E3 conference, but a Zelda fansite is already claiming to have the first details. Take this with a massive pinch of salt.

According to the site, the new game will simply be called 'The Legend Of Zelda' and is set "several hundred years" before Ocarina Of Time, explaining the origins of how the Master Sword came into being.


According to the website's Kyoto-based translator source, a new fairy-like character called Zordiana will play an important part in the game.

Elsewhere we're told that the Hookshot will make a return and it's now possible to swing with this item, rather like when using the Grappling Hook in Wind Waker.

As for the Remote, the article makes no mention of MotionPlus but reports that you'll occassionally have to 'draw' a symbol on a door with your sword to open it. Meanwhile controlling your bow will apparently work like the archery levels in Wii Sports Resort.

Finally we're told that Nintendo will show off an ice level at E3. This isn't necessarily a dungeon level, though. According to the supposed leak, the transition between the outside world and dungeons will be smoother to the point where "when entering a Dungeon, you will not notice you are in one." Bosses won't always appear in dungeons either.

That's all for now. As always file this one strictly under rumour; Nintendo E3 news doesn't usually leak, but you never know.

[ SOURCE: Zelda Informer ]