Vanquish has 'essence of Resi 4' - Mikami

Vanquish team consists of ex-Resi 4 devs

Vanquish has some of the 'essence' of Resident Evil 4, according to superstar designer and Resi creator, Shinji Mikami.

"We didn't really go back and reference Resident Evil 4," Mikami told CVG.

"However, there are a few staff members from that project on the Vanquish team, so I suppose you could say that some of the 'essence' of that game has carried over into this one."

In the same interview Mikami explained to CVG why leading on the PS3 was the right decision.

Vanquish is a fast-paced third person shooter with a protagonist sporting rockets on his knees, allowing super-slick combat with an array of weapons and melee attacks.

We brought you 10 new Vanquish screenshots earlier today and a gameplay trailer earlier in the month.