Xbox conference: What do you want to see?

Xbox Slim? Perfect Dark? 3D announcement? Share your opinion inside

Microsoft's second round of E3 press conferences kicks off from 6PM BST this afternoon, where the platform holder will (hopefully) show off the 'core' side of its 2010 line-up.


As you can see from our What's in Microsoft's conference? feature, we're expecting the house of Xbox to unveil anything from a slim 360 console, to 3D plans and more concrete details on Kinect. But that's not necessarily what we'd like to see.

What we'd love Microsoft to unveil is a core game from Rare (Perfect Dark will do), a surprise or too and something that'll sell Kinect to those interested in things other than Yoga or party games.

But that's us - what would you like see dancing on the big Xbox television screens in Los Angeles tonight? Share you're opinions below and we'll take the mickey out of the worst ones in our Xbox live blog later this afternoon.