LOTR: War in the North screens

Scenes of 'vicious troll battles' as Warner's fantasy romp gets an airing

There's been so many Lord of the Rings games, it's sometimes hard keeping up with which one's what.

For those still puzzled over which one Lord of the Rings: War in the North is, it's the action RPG that Snowblind Studios announced earlier this year, and which is being developed for Warner in 2011.

Described as "mature" and "brutal" with an impending 18+ trailer, you can be rest assured that its combat and many deaths will be a bit more gratuitous than the blood-less(ish) films.

The game is said to be inspired by both the films and the book, while including never-before-seen lands, and lets up to three players form their own Fellowhips in its co-op mode.

Enjoy these first screens here. Then fantasise about sinking your axe into some riled orc's head, you very sick person.