Assassin's Creed: Brotherhood Pt. 1

We chat to Ubisoft on its stabby spin-off

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The second angle is that as soon as the combo is started, every other guy, until you get interrupted, will be killed in one shot. You have to look at who is going to attack next and if you get into the right rhythm you can actually dispatch a bunch of guards extremely fast. It's visceral and addictive; right now we already have competition on how many kills per minute and stuff like that. We're going to add a little more to that at E3.

You talked a lot about how Ezio has developed, how are Desmond and Lucy going to develop in this game?

The game is a direct sequel to AC2 so, yes, we're going to have them feature. The story will continue and there is going to be new twists and turns. They finished, escaped in a van and the players will find out what is going to happen next.

We've just learned some new skills from the bleeding effect from using the Animus and there are some things we hinted at in AC2 that we're going to explore more in depth, but at this point that's all we can say.

How are you going to add to the world given its familiar settings and characters?

The city of Rome lends itself well to presenting new characters who are very present in that location, more so than in Venice or in Firenze. Of course we're going to have Machiavelli play a huge role in this storyline. We'll see a little bit more of Leonardo Da Vinci and of course the Borgia family who is going to play a huge role.

If you look at history books you'll see there are a couple of interesting characters linked to that family who played a role in some sort of conspiracy or at least the corruption of all Rome's political power at that time. We're going to try and explore all that but keep the most interesting part of history that fits with Ezio's mandate in Rome.

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