Gear 3 co-op demoed

Cliffy and co show off three-quel's multiplayer

Cliff Bleszinski and friends just showed off Gears of War 3's 4-player co-op mode.

The Xbox E3 press conference demoed showed Cliff and three others taking on the Locust horde and darting between cover as a foursome. It looked like awesome fun.

The demo also revealed new 'lambent' enemies which can sprout tentacles and blast massive enemy beams at our burly heroes.

Another scene later on showed gigantic tentacles smashing out of the ground and 'spawning' lambent foot soldiers.

The most threatening baddie was a lambent beserker, which not only charges at Marcus and friends like a regular foe, but also lobs cars and flails with tentacles too.

Cliff ended the demo with the announcement that he'll be unveiling a new mode called 'Beast' at E3.