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Xbox - All the news/opinion/video

All the details and announcements in a handy package

Well that's it. Microsoft have made their mark on E3 2010.

We saw a lot of announcements including solid Kinect launch details and the Xbox 360 Slim - which is out THIS WEEK in the States.

We thought you'd appreciate it if we put everything that came out of the conference all in one place. So please do.




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Conference Minutes:

  • It's kicking off with Black Ops. Seen most of this trailer already. Still awesome.
  • Helicopters. Rivers. Foliage. Rockets fired. Lots of American shouting. (That's in-game and, to a lesser degree, in this theatre.)
  • Multi-year exclusive agreement with Xbox and Activision. All COD map packs to launch first on 360. Don is smug.
  • "If you want to play CoD in the next three years, you'll want to play it on Xbox 360".
  • New Kinect experiences to be shown. Kojima coming out. Kojima on Kinect? This should be fun.
  • What a pimp. 'Coming up with something new' for MGS: Rising. Kinect? Surely not Kinect.
  • Rising footage. A sword. Now some fans. Scaffolding. A lot more exciting than I'm making this sound.
  • Crazy metal men fighting. Raiden looks pissed. Someone's head just got taken clean off.
  • 'Cut at will'. Precision slicing.
  • Watermelons get sliced in a mini game. 'What will you cut'. Got to be Kinect.
  • Development boss Phil Spencer on stage..
  • Cliffy B take the stage. 'Only on Xbox 360 behind him'.
  • Gears OF War 3. Dom and Marcus's truck has been ambush. Going to see new Lambert - mutated locusts.
  • It's a lot greener than any Gears we've ever seen.
  • Genuinely digusting new enemy. Massive head firing out lambert goo.
  • Another one. Tall and thin. Ugly. Spawning little crawling gits.
  • One of these things just threw a car at us. Unkind.
  • That was pretty awesome. Cliffy's promised us a new mode called 'Beast'.
  • Molyneux takes the stage.
  • Fable III. Promises 'great British humour - you know what that means'.
  • Gameplay footgae. Fantastical stuff. The Quest To Save Albion. There's ships and canons and dogs and Touch and awesome outfits. It's a 'revolution', apparently.
  • Microsoft Games Studio's newest partner... Roman Gladiator with blood running down him. Mud, sword, shield, muscles, beared - he's got it all. Dare I say it... very God OF War esque.
  • It's bloody Crytek.
  • All of this 'only on Xbox 360', remember. Codename: Kingdoms. Looks very sexy. No footage though.
  • It's Halo: Reach time. Marcus Lehto from Bungie on stage.
  • Lots of Spartans, with cool blue bits on their armour on the ground. Covenant ships up in the sky.
  • Pods fall to Earth to reveal Elite.
  • Quite incredible heavy rock soundtrack. Reminds me of Rise Of The Robots. Brian May FTW.
  • Enterting locked off command centre type thing. Lots of corpses everywhere.
  • Climbing metal stairs. Where are we going? Getting into the Sabre, that's what. You're flying it..
  • We're introduced to Ron. Hey, Ron. Waves to Kinect to sign in. Showing off the 'Kinect hub', which offers Netflix, Facebook, Last.FM, Games and more. Simple menu.
  • Voice select. "Xbox". Kinect is listening. Hal is listening.
  • Can rewind movies with your hand. Grab and drag back. That is undeniably cool. Very Apple.
  • "Xbox, stop." "Xbox, forward." "Xbox, play music". Why not: "Xbox, fix red ring"?
  • Voice chat, party chat. Told you they'd say "party". Video Kinect.
  • Video Kinect works on MSN and Xbox Live.
  • ESPN is coming to Xbox Live. Don't know if that's US only yet.
  • 3,500 live events, apparently. College football, college basketball, MLB, NBA and more. Painful spoof of TV Show Sports Center. They said 'soccer'.
  • "Xbox replay" - realtime replays of live sport via voice comman on Kinect - is properly impressive.
  • ESPN at no additional cost to Gold subscribers. Nice.
  • It's Kinetinamials. Or whatever it's bloody called. There is a young girl virtually stroking a tiger's face. He's called Skittles. I'm sticking to the facts.
  • To be fair, the animation is pretty sweet. Girl hides and Skittles tries to find her, getting his mush right up in the lens. Hardcore gamers love Sega Japanese important Seaman. Why couldn't they love this? Too cute.
  • Kinect Sports now. Shin from Rare.
  • Hurdles. Does actually look pretty cool. Running and jumping on the spot.
  • Sports trailer now. What you expect it to be.
  • Joy Ride now. Voice reponse to 'boost'.
  • Kinect Adventures! shown.
  • For those that are interested, the dude's surfing on some rollecoaster thing.
  • Third-party Kinect games.
  • Ubisoft fitness game. Jesus.
  • It's called Your Shape. Felicia Williams on stage to show it off. Some in-depth information on a fitness game.
  • Harmonix on stage. R&B and pop focused. "World class choreographers" involved.
  • Phil Spencer's back. Phil, we need you now more than ever. Give us what we desire.
  • Kinect coming to US on November 4. 15 games on launch day. Including a Sonic one.
  • Star Wars game.
  • It'll be out next year.
  • Turn 10 arrive. FORZA.
  • Kinect Forza. Has head tracking. Steer by moving hands. In HD, 60FPS. This is more like it.
  • Dude's walking up to his Ferrarri via Kinect, taking a look at headlights, brakes and more. Giving it a little rub. It's pointless fantasy - but we'll take it at this stage.
  • Sits inside car. "You can't do that at a car show... Welcome to the future of racing."
  • "Fun is a universal magnet that binds us all together." What?
  • Xbox 360 Slim? A "new era" is coming...
  • Yep - the all new Xbox. Very shiny, shiny. They're showing the Italian ad from yesterday. In English.
  • 'Here today, ready for tomorrow'. 250GB Built-in wifi.
  • No change in price.
  • Shipping to retail TODAY.
  • They're giving all audience members one. Mark Rein excited.