'EA Sports is a joke' - UFC boss

Dana White still has no love for Undisputed rival

Dana White has continued his vocal disregard for EA after the publisher showed off EA MMA at E3 earlier this evening.

Responding to a tweet, the president of UFC posted the following message on his Twitter account after the EA E3 conference:

"EA sports is a joke and told me when I talked to them that mma is NOT a real sport and they would NEVER make an mma video game"

It seems that White's bitterness towards EA hasn't settled much since this time last year when he said he was "at war" with the publisher.

The animosity arose when EA announced their intention to provide competition for the UFC Undisputed video game brand.

EA have just shown off EA MMA at their E3 conference and introduced the EA MMA Live Broadcast mode, which Peter Moore said would 'change the way people think about online sports games'.

[ SOURCE: Dana White on Twitter ]