EA Sports Active 2 Kinect compatible

Fitness game will work 360 motion control

EA Sports has revealed that EA Sports Active 2 will be coming out for Kinect.

EA revealed that the fitness game will also be available on Wii and be compatible with PlayStation Move during its E3 conference.

EA Sports Active 2 was demonstrated at the conference late last night, showing off complete freedom of movement thanks to wireless sensors in bands on the legs and arms for the PS3 and Wii version.

The Kinect version, of course, uses no extra equipment other than the Kinect motion camera.

Unique to Kinect for 360 then is the ability to navigate workouts with voice and gesture recognition.

And for those of you who think this whole exercise gaming thing is one big con, you couldn't be more wrong according to a study at the University of Wisconsin.

The study was publicised heavily by EA. Obviously.

EA Sports Active 2 is due for release November 16.