What's in Sony's conference?

It's Sony's turn to step up at 8PM BST...

With Sony's press conference just moments away we've previewed what we're most looking forward to hearing from the global entertainment giant on the subject of it's gaming future.

With 3D, PSP2 and Move already stilling the headlines before E3's doors have even opened in LA we're certain to hear some awesome news on the breakthrough technology and peripherals. Can the most anticipated conference of the event live up to all the hype? Read our predictions for the presentation below and check back later to see if we got it right.


As the first stereoscopic 3D games are released tomorrow for the PS3 to coincide with their latest 3D TVs hitting the shelves, we're sure to see Sony flaunting a whole lot of three-dimensional HD loveliness in the coming few days in LA. Those lucky enough to get hold of the new fancy tellies will be able to play WipEout HD, SuperStardust HD, PAIN and a demo of MotorStorm Pacific Rift in glorious 3D but we're hoping for a glimpse Lara through a set of 3D googles. If not, there'll at least be a whole host of other 3D titles on display next week [http://www.computerandvideogames.com/article.php?id=250435].

As we reported in the week the PSP2 could just be the iteration of Sony's portable that challenges the DS to the handheld crown. With rumours flying hither and tither about what it will be capable of (some even claiming it will have touchscreen capabilities), all we can do is wait for Sony to roll out the announcements at E3.

PlayStation Move:
As more and more developers announce titles that will support the PS Move we're certain E3 will be the platform whereon a ton of other game creators will declare releases that will take advantage of the HD Wii. Lucasarts listen up: Star Wars and Lightsabers please! No matter how silly the controller may look, this could be a pretty exciting conference for the PlayStation and its Move.

One of the biggest PS3 exclusives expected to be elaborated on at E3 is Rockstar's Agent. Having said there will be no new game announcements during the conference, this is possibly the only snippet of information from camp Rockstar that we're allowing ourselves to get excited about.

Premium PSN subscription service:
For some thrifty gamers one of the overriding benefits of investing in Sony's games console rather than Microsoft's is the free access to the PlayStation Network. This is set to be blown out of the water at E3 as an announcement of a premium PSN subscription service is to be outlined at the conference. Don't fret though, the free service will still be available but if you want to fork a little wonga you could get bonuses like an online music service, member only in-game content and customer service priority access. We're hoping E3 will tell us more.

The Last Guardian:
It teased us last year and it'll probably go ahead and tease us again this year. Despite the fact that 12 months have past we still know very little about The Last Guardian except that it looks bleeding gorgeous and has a heritage so fine it can't fail but be amazing. From the makes of Ico and Shadow of the Colossus, we've been looking forward to this PS3 game for so long we can look in the mirror and see how much we've aged since we first heard about its development. But we still have hopes of massive things.

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