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Bungie's Activision game confirmed for PC

Activision reveals that title will come to PS3, 360 and PC

Activision has confirmed that Bungie's new game will be coming to PS3, Xbox 360 and PC.

The project will be the first instalment in Bungie's new 'action universe' - and the debut offering from its ten-year deal with Activision.

Activision CFO Thomas Tippl said this evening in an E3 earnings call that the release would "move the needle" in terms of sales potential.

"If you just look at the performance of Halo 3, that sold nine million on 360 with an incredible 40 per cent attach rate," he said. "[Look at] the projected install base of 70 million 360s and PS3 this year, with the PC opportunity... which when combined with quickly gets [the game] to growth and market potential that will move the needle in a significant way."