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Sony conference - LIVE

Move, PSP2, GT5?

Sony will be third on the platform holder schedule when it presents its E3 offerings later today.

What are we expecting to see? Move will certainly get a good going over with launch title announcements and maybe (hopefully) even the odd surprise.

There have also been whisperings that the PSP2, in whatever form it may take (console? smartphone?), could get an unveiling.

And maybe we could get a bit more info on Gran Turismo 5. A release date you say? That's a bit far fetched isn't it?

Our news hounds will be on the ground, telepathically writing directly to the web from 8PM BST this afternoon - right after the Nintendo conference.

Check back here for the live blog and stay tuned to CVG for all the headlines, media opinion and live streams we can find.

Live blog

Hi all. Tim here. Nice little opening montage from Sony there. Here's Jack Tretton. Let's go Tretton.

3D. Yes! 3 dimensions! Just like life. Chuck it at us Sony.

Got my 3D glasses on by the way. Looking forward to this.

Killzone 3 in 3D: Lots of jetpacks, lots of shooting. Lot's of 'wooping' from the audience beforehand...I let out a small British 'woop'.

When I said 3D glasses, You should know they're cheap cinema glasses. Demo works though.

Those jetpack thrusters looked dangerously close to the chap's eyes.

Killzone 3 compatible with Move. One guy in the audience shouts "Thankyou" - gratious.

3D really worked. Amazing in truth. People were actually gasping in the audience.

Gran Turismo 5 in 3D. Brilliant! A date would be even better though.

Glasses back on? But I never took mine off! My left eye aches. 3D is ace. Painful but ace.

Back to Jack Tretton. Hi Jack.

Tretton's talking about PS2. When will you let PS2 go Sony? We have PS3 now remember. You made it!

Here comes the Move, which apparently is all about 'realism'.

Another "future-proof" piece of tech. Just like the PS2 apparently. Oh no you mean PS3, right yeah.

Montage of devs talking about Move, get ready for phrases like "raising the bar" and "next level".

Kevin Butler's amusing ads are getting flicks of airtime. Funny comedy.

Butler got a reaction comparable to Killzone and GT5!

Sony want to Move to appeal to both casual and hardcore. Careful Sony!

First Move game up 'Sorcery'. Dev stretches and breaths deeply before game begins. Nerves or is Move really going to be that strenuous.

Accuracy impressive. Dev's surefootedness a bit annoying.

Actual applause from the audience. It's like an Apple conference.

Still, game looks good though.

From Wizardry to Tiger Woods PGA Tour 11. Let's see how Move fares on the green.

'No pre-canned animation all one-to-one movement' says the dev.

He's nervous about taking this shot.

Takes it. Bunker. Unlucky.

Second shot. Second bunker. He says he's been playing for 20 years. Wonder if this is in the script?

Power also registers on the Move. No flicking of the wrist here.

Third shot. It's good. Just off the green. Nearly went in the bunker though.

He puts on par. Everyone's pleased.

'Heroes on the Move' announced. Features Sly Cooper, Jak, Daxter, Ratchet and Clank all in one game.

Kevin Butler takes to the stage! Prepare for tom foolery.

Butler takes a pop at Kinect. Three pops in fact, all in the space of about 5 seconds.

Arrogance is back. But at least this time it's funny.

Butler says it's all about the games.

Butler: 'Move is all about giving everyone a taste of the PS3 sugar" .

Biggest cheer of any conference was for a man filling time!

Here are the prices then (dollars):
Move Controller - 49.99
Navigation Controller - 29.99

Bundle including Sports Champions, PS Eye and Move - 99.99.

Throw a PS3 in on the deal - 399.99.

Move coming to EU Sept 15, US 19, Japan 25.

Now we've 'moved' onto PSP. Still no sign of a "2" on the end of that.

Onto PlayStation Home and trying to say that it's good.

A full replica of the Sony E3 booth in Home is a nice touch though.

Tretton has such a monotone voice. But, with a name like Jack Tretton, you just can't fault him.

Jack Tretton should become a Private Eye.

Onto LittleBigPlanet 2 with Media Molecule's Alex Evans.

Evans taking us through some of the different mini-games that have actually been created using LBP2. Everything from top down dodge 'ems to Smash Bros' still side-scrolling fighter.

PlayStation Plus announced. That's the paid upgrade to PSN.

49.99 for a year, 17.99 for 3 month, 3 months free trial for a limited time. Who thinks they're in?

Here comes EA.

Medal of Honor will feature unlockable beards! Finally! Your voices have been heard.

Actually this dev has a very well groomed beard. In real life I mean. Probably in-game as well.

Medal of Honor Front line to be included in the new Medal of Honor for free. Nice.

Steve Papoutsis presents the rest of Dead Space 2, following on from EA's main conference yesterday.

Steve Papoutsis has a funny name. I prefer Jack Tretton, but Papoutsis is good.

Still amazed by Dead Space 2 lighting and atmosphere.

Ooo here comes a surprise, wonder what...It's Portal 2!

Gabe Newell takes the the stage. Cracks a few jokes.

Newell reveals Portal 2 and Steam support for PS3.

Newell says Portal 2 on PS£ will be best on any console.

Here comes Gran Turismo 5. Will we get a release date though? We'd better get a release date.

November 2 2010! Finally. GT5 will launch in the US on November 2 2010. EU date will follow soon I'm sure.

Infamous 2 now. With the new look Cole. Except, it's not just a new look. He looks like a totally different person! How are they going to write around that one?

One last surprise then.

This has to be Twisted Metal.

Yep. David Jaffe is here.

Even though that fat topless guy in the van looks very Twisted Metal. He's still basically a fat topless guy in a van.

That's all folks. And that's from all platform holders. Who do you think won?