Assassin's Creed Brotherhood 'is not rushed' - Ubi

AC2-sized script will convince players, says designer

Assassin's Creed Brotherhood 'is not rushed', says Ubisoft Montreal designer, Patrick Plourde.

Speaking to CVG in a just-published interview, the Brotherhood designer said he thinks players will be convinced by the spin-off's 'Assassin's Creed II-sized' script.

"For us, since it's a direct sequel to AC2, it's a continuation of the Ezio story we know and we'll be able to convince people that actually it's not rushed," he told CVG.

"It's like a new season of a TV show. We have established characters, we have an established setting, we can move on to just telling a brand new storyline, introducing new skills, new features within a known frame that we actually spent more time polishing and figuring out how we're going to introduce new characters."

He added: "The thing is it's going to be proven with the game, we have the script written down and it's as big as AC2. We promise when players play it they will realise the scope. On our side, we know it's ambitious, it's interesting and there's a lot of content we're going to provide to players.

"I think if this was a completely new setting with a new hero one year after, we would probably surprise the player and maybe reactions would be 'this is probably rushed'."

In the same interview Plourde told CVG that Brotherhood 'is Assassin's Creed 3 in terms of scope'.

Ubisoft put out a brand new Assassin's Creed: Brotherhood trailer (and a release date) yesterday.