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What's in Nintendo's conference?

3DS and Zelda Wii could well be with us at 5PM BST...

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Pikmin 3:
The countdown for the return of the cutest RTS ever started back in March when we announced that Shigeru Miyamoto told our good friends at ONM that Pikmin 3 development was "well under way". This can only mean that we're going to at least get a sneaky peek at the next scavenger management game, maybe even a little play. Either way, one of the most successful modern franchises for Nintendo is going to return with a bang at E3 we're sure.

Super Scribblenauts:
The original Scribblenaunts stole our hearts, and scored a massive 9/10, when it was released in October last year so we were thrilled to hear last month that a sequel was already in development. And then we started thinking: How many more vocabulary generated tools will they dream up to use? What if it supports the new 3DS? Will we be able to see our summoned creations in glorious 3D? So many questions, hopefully we'll get some answers soon.

Animal Crossing 3DS:
Probably the hottest piece of press off the rumour mill concerning Nintendo's supposed showcase at E3 came just last week when it was revealed that the Japanese gaming giants have been using a 3DS version of Animal Crossing to coax developers into designing new software for the much-hyped handheld. If Animal Crossing: Wild World is anything to go by, the 3DS iteration should be as tasty as one of your freshly caught in-game fish. Another one to watch for all you socialites out there.

OMG OMG OMG! Need we say more? Well actually there's the small matter of original developers Rare not being on board for this Bond reboot but we're trying our hardest not to let that erode our excitement too much. We would've killed to see even just a few screens or just to hear the words "GoldenEye will be coming in 2012" from a well dressed Nintendo big wig during E3. Thankfully there was a small leak, which means we can wait like law abiding citizens until the official announcement. If anything's announced concerning 007, you'll hear it here first.

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