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GoldenEye: 'There's a huge weight on our shoulders'

Bond man aware of "massive expectations" for Wii remake

The Bond company says it feels "a huge weight" on its shoulders to deliver with the just-announced Wii GoldenEye remake.

Speaking in the latest issue of Official Nintendo Magazine - which includes a world exclusive first look at GoldenEye - Bond marketing VP, David Wilson said:

"There are massive expectations which are both worrying and exciting for us, and we know that this game has to be as innovative and ground-breaking as the first title was.

"We don't take this lightly," he added. "We know it's a very important title and there's a huge weight on our shoulders not to get it wrong."


At least they know we won't put up with a rubbish cash-in then.

You can find everything you need to know about GoldenEye Wii - and the first screenshots - in Official Nintendo Magazine issue 57, on sale tomorrow. Buy your copy online and have it delivered to your door.