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MS - Kinect prices 'purely speculative'

Aaron Greenberg refuses to commit to a price for the new tech.

Microsoft's Aaron Greenberg has shot down any retail prices for Kinect as 'speculative'.

There has already been talk doing the rounds that Kinect would be bundled with some software for $149.99, as it appeared on various retail websites.

However, Greenberg was quick to shoot down those prices on his official Twitter account.

Retail prices are purely speculative," he writes. "Final pricing and pack-in details are not yet determined."

So we're none the wiser. The price of Kinect was the one vital bit of info Microsoft was missing yesterday and will play a huge part in whether the new technology succeeds or not. Feel free to make your price predictions below. It's what everyone else seems to be doing, right now...

[ SOURCE: Twitter ]