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Metal Gear: Snake Eater 3DS - first look

Screens and impressions of Kojima's 3DS game

CVG's man on the ground at E3 just got a world's first hands-on with the Nintendo 3DS - and the game he got to play was Metal Gear Solid: Snake Eater 3D.

Here's what he had to say:

"Playing Snake Eater, we also got to test out the new 360 stick control, which allowed full command of our vision - something very useful when there's a full breathing world in front of your eyes. It's a comfortable, instinctive control that is less 'clicky' than the equivalents seen on Sixaxis etc. And responds better to a gentle rub in any direction.

"We also got to test out the camera - yet another major step forward from anything we've seen before. Considering 3DS is effectively a knockabout, playground machine for all ages - and its camera is a tertiary function - it's astounding.


"Two cameras on the back of the device take a snap of your mug, which is then displayed in super-blurry mode on the 3DS's top screen. Using the analogue control, you then slide the images together until you hit the sweet spot; that perfect blend that shows off the differentiation between you and your background. No disrespect to Nintendo - they're first here, after all - but when a 'proper' camera firm gets hold of this and runs with it, it will will change everything.

"There's even less in the way of 'protruding' elements - the sort of thing that wowed when you went to see Avatar - with the camera, which relies heavily on a sense of depth from the background of the image, but it's still a stimulating moment to take in your first 3D portrait - all due to a games console previously considered cheap and cheerful."

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