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Opinion: Sony do E3 to laughter

What we make of the final platform conference at this year's expo

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Gran Turismo 5 in 3D looked stunning, featuring the Top Gear test track, although we're not sure how many of the American audience members will know what it was.

An original PlayStation exclusive IP had it's sequel revealed when InFamous 2 hinted at the idea that the game's hero could control ice in his next jaunt around town.

And a big hoo-haa was made on stage for the arrival of Twisted Metal on the PS3, the only Sony platform the series hasn't featured on so far.

What made this conference stand out from the other two, but not necessarily win, were the corporate funnies. Crickey these things can be dull, and embarrassing, and long-winded with only the new games and groundbreaking hardware to save them. So Sony realised they had a comedian like Kevin Butler among their VPs they were right to exploit him at the show.

Coming on stage as a hero of hardcore gaming fans he was there to reassure Sony fans that the Move didn't mean a move away from the gritty, lad culture of game and that the PSP would always remain at the forefront of handheld gaming.

To surmise: the Sony conference didn't deliver anything too new or groundbreaking (except for the Move) but what it did say was done so with a good sense of humour.

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