3DS Zelda: Ocarina Of Time - first impressions

CVG gets hands on with astonishing remake

We've just got hands on with a rolling preview of Zelda: Ocarina Of Time on 3DS - and it's good news, folks.

Our quick demo lasted merely two minutes, and featured Link on the back of his trusty steed. (Who was looking far more detailed than we ever remember, not least sparkling eyes, mane and hooves).

The setting faded in from black, with the recognisable music from the original classic game.

We rode our horse over rolling hills and lush greenery - and past imposing trees and a sky-tickling cliff face - until we reached a drawbridge (THE drawbridge). We rode through the arch and onto... well, we can't tell you. The screen faded back out again.

What we can inform you is that the visuals were masterful - with the greens and yellows of Zelda's world particularly vivid. The moon setting into the early evening was a treat - emanating ever-decreasing layers of illumination.

Edges were crisp and lighting effects were some of the best we've ever seen in a Nintendo game - not least the glare spots occasionally bleeding over the lens.

The 3D effects themselves were on a par with the Kojima MGS: Snake Eater game we reported on earlier today - with a rising sun and the background castle in particular giving the game real depth.

As if faded out, we were treated to the giddy image of the classic Zelda sword and shield - given more body and density than ever before.

We're in on a Q&A with Miyamoto-san and Iwata-san shortly. Stay tooned.