MS defends E3 conference to hardcore

"This was a great show for all types of consumer"

Microsoft has come under fire this week from some hardcore gamers for an E3 conference that focused largely on its casual-friendly Kinect device. But the platform holder maintains that its showing was "great" for its core consumers.

The firm decided to use the majority of its stage time to show Kinect, and family-friendly games such as Kinect Sports, Joy Ride and Kinectimals.

However, it kicked off with news of an exclusive deal on Call Of Duty DLC, and also featured Metal Gear Solid: Rising, Gears Of War 3, Halo: Reach and Fable 3.

When we asked Xbox worldwide marketing boss Ryan Moore how he would respond to hardcore gamers that were left disappointed by the show, he said:

"I think this was a great show for all consumers. With the announcements around Halo: Reach, Gears Of War, Fable III - this would be a great year even if we didn't have the launch of Kinect.

"So we've got a great core line-up, along with all the exciting new experiences with Kinect. This leads us into a great year ahead."