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Who dominated E3 2010?

Opinion: Sony, Microsoft and Nintendo battle it out for the gaming's coverted crown

While E3 rages on for the rest of the week CEOs, VPs and senior development team chiefs from the three big games companies can now relax a little.

Mostly because they'll no longer be called upon to give cringe-inducing presentations before 2,200 gaming nuts in L.A.'s Nokia Theatre. And countless other watching from their desks around the world.

As the internet reels from two days of exclusive announcements from Sony, Microsoft and Nintendo, it's time to step back, put down the 3DS and decide who has won E3 2010.

Deciding who 'wins' something like E3 is a fairly simple matter if a rather vague concept.

The victor of this entertainment tech battle should be the platform who brought the most surprising products to the table. Hardware and software that both wowed and wooed.

If there was an instrument to measure such a result it would be labelled the 'f**k me-o-meter'.

Microsoft was first up at the lectern on Monday. Preaching the wonders of a new device called Kinect that traced, mapped and 'put you in the game' (a phrase we were to hear a lot of over the two days).

The controller, formerly codenamed Natal, wholeheartedly underwhelmed with many asking: "where are the core games?" Instead we obediently sat through demonstrations of titles like Kinectimals and Kinect Adventures, which resembled a better looking EyePet and a virtual reality episode of The Crystal Maze on performance enhancing drugs, respectively.

Gaming highlights were Halo: Reach and Gears of War 3. Both of which we knew existed and were highly likely to feature and so didn't have as much impact as MS' finally fanfare.

Gates Corp introduced the world to their brand new console. Unofficially named the Xbox Slim it has a 250 GB hard drive, the fastest built in Wi-Fi in a console and is a quiet as a mouse.

Would this be enough to put Microsoft on the top of the podium come the end of E3? For the press in the auditorium it certainly was as they all walked away with one under their arm. Jammy beggars!

Nintendo then waded into the battle on Tuesday morning to break up the big boys.

We get the impression that working for Nintendo must be similar to being on the payroll at Pixar studios. Everything they do is done with a huge dollop of fun, and it shows in their games.

The most smiley conference of all got going with the first look anywhere of Zelda for the Wii, The Legend of Zelda: Skyward Sword .

Shigeru Miyamoto's guest appearance pleased the fans as he burst on stage to demo the game Nintendo fanboys have been waiting an age for.

Despite 'wireless interference' Link looked in top next-gen form as he swung his sword, lifted his shield and drew his bow and arrow in real time using the Wii Motion Plus and nunchuk.

If Skyward Sword was to be the Wii's jewel in the crown at this year's E3, what would come at the end of the conference would blast the DS into folklore.

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