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God of War: Ghost of Sparta screenshots arrive

Kratos smacks face in new shots

With Sony declaring its commitment to a virtual relaunch of the PSP at last night's E3 press conference (70 titles and that annoying Marcus kid fronting them), it really needs a standard bearer to push the merits of its handheld system to the fore.

Step forward bald-headed, perpetually angry, chain-wielding Spartan Kratos, whose last PSP incarnation, Chains of Olympus, was one of the stand out titles for the PSP over the past couple of years.


Ghost of Sparta is the brand new God of War handheld game and scattered around this page are brand new screenshots hot off the Olympian presses.

If it can just live up to, let alone surpass its illustrious predecessor then we're in for a true classic. Few details as yet, but you can start compiling your wish list in the comments section below.