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10 exciting Nintendo 3DS games

Which are you most looking forward to?

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Pilotwings Resort:


Again demoed at E3, Pilotwings Resort (new take on a SNES title) features some brilliant bi-plane action.

You're asked to fly through hoops, literally, using the sliding stick to execute manoeuvres. The 3D effect looks amazing with the plane standing out in the foreground with astonishing clarity. We look forward to getting our hands on it again soon.

Dead or Alive:


Now there's a surprise. It didn't take long at all, did it, for certain lad favourites to feature in 3D? The bouncy and bubbly Dead or Alive fighting game will feature on the Nintendo 3DS and our inner adolescent has never been more excited.

The 3D screen should offer some very interesting visuals here as you smack your opponents about a bit. Probably not one for the female fan base.

Kid Icarus: Uprising


The one game we were all got to see flying on to the 3DS was the Nintendo classic Kid Icarus. When we say classic we mean NES era Nintendo.

Although originally a side scrolling platformer, the 3D version is an acrobatic combat game set deep in Greek mythology. But think less Clash of the Titans, more airborne Final Fantasy.

A return to such well grounded roots must only be done under some very watchful, senior eyes. Expect great things here.

Animal Crossing:


Probably the least core game in our selection but Animal Crossing proved such a smash when it was released on both the Nintendo systems we couldn't leave it out here.

There's only a slight artistic adjustment with this iteration of the game with characters looking a better formed, less squashed and, generally, better.

We're sure they'll be more than just superficial improvements announced closer to the time of release so keep it CVG to find out more.

Which 3DS games are you most looking forward to? Let us know in the comments below...

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