Sony: 3D a 'much longer proposition' than Move

Move and 3D are on 'different lifecycles', says SCEE boss

3D is a "much longer proposition" than Move, SCEE boss Andrew House told our man at E3.

Speaking in an interview yesterday, House said he thinks Move and 3D are on "different lifecycles" and the former's likely to "explode" much sooner in the public space.

"I think they're on different lifecycles," he said, in reference to the two PS3 innovations.

"I think move is very much something that's going to explode within the next 12 months. I think 3D is a much longer proposition. We're obviously going to have to take time to see the requirement of having new TV sets."

"It's more like the shift between SD and HD, where as I think Move is an opportunity potentially to explosively grow our business and the kinds of content that we have, just at the point of a lifecycle where we should be reaching out to a massmarket," he said.

In case you missed it, yesterday Sony announced its PS3 move games and 3D PS3 games.