Metal Gear Solid: Rising full details

Cut to kill or not to kill? That's the question

Metal Gear Solid: Rising was detailed pretty extensively at Konami's E3 conference and it sounds like a completely fresh take on the MGS series.

The focus of the engine is on the cutting, with a "cut at will" mantra, which Kojima Productions have encapsulated in the concept of Zan-Datsu.

Players will be able to aim exactly where they want to cut but also how much they want to cut so they can decide whether they want to kill an enemy or just cut him up real bad.

Director Minesh Kimura said that stealth was also being implemented but it would be different to Snake's stealthy ways and what we have seen in the series so far. With Raiden as the main character acrobatics and the ability use height will come into play, and Kimura-san said he described it as a kind of hunting stealth.

MGS Rising will be set between MGS2 and MGS4 and tantalising details on the storyline were also revealed, with the main thrust being how did Raiden become the character we know today?

Kimura-san concluded by saying he wanted players to feel 'the power of this blade' and that he wanted to 'raise the popularity of Raiden with this game'.