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Milo & Kate demoed... to celebs

Media shut out from Peter Molyneux's Kinect wonder - for now

Wondering why we didn't get to see Peter Molyneux's hugely intriguing Kinect title Milo & Kate at this year's E3? This afternoon in Los Angeles, the main man gave us our answer.

According to Molyneux, the title - which was first shown to an amazed crowd at E3 2009 - is being demoed to celebrities and select viewers this week, and has blossomed into a full game.

However, Microsoft has requested that the press be kept out of the loop - for now.

"Milo still exists - absolutely, it still exists," he told CVG.

"In fact, famous people are seeing it as we speak, probably. We're just not showing it to the press.

"There's a very interesting reason why, but I can't tell you why. It absolutely exists."

When asked when the media would get to see the game - and if we will be able to try it out before Kinect's worldwide launch in November - Molyneux added:

"It's not up to me. It's up to these guys [pointing at Microsoft PR]."

Kinect featured heavily in Microsoft's E3 briefing, but software shown off for the peripheral was simpler than Molyneux's invention.

We saw Wii-esque games such as Kinect Sports, Joy Ride and Kinectimals.