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Molyneux: Milo is '10 times more amazing' than 2009 demo

Kinect title is "robust" enough for single-player trials, reckons developer

We revealed earlier than Kinect title Milo & Kate still exists - and is being trialled behind closed doors this week.
Now, creator Peter Molyneux has told CVG that the finished game is "10 times more amazing" than the demo which set the industry on fire at E3 2009.

Molyneux claimed that the title is playable "in its entirety" and "robust" enough for gamers to get their hands on it unassisted.

The game was notably lacking from Microsoft's E3 2010 conference. The firm focused on Kinect - but decided to omit Milo from its highlighted software line-up.

The 'boy sim' caused shockwaves at E3 2009 - with a filmed demo showing a Lionhead employee having an apparently unscripted conversation with the junior protagonist.

"I promise you it is now ten times more amazing than you'd expect it to be from what you saw at [E3 2009]," said Molyneux. "Because what I showed in Milo then was just a tech demo. I think every one asked: 'That was pretty fascinating, but what does it all mean?'

"It's only when you see it in its entirety and play it that you realise it's robust enough for people to play on their own."

We'd have loved to have played it here, but only celebs are getting that honour, it seems.

Must. Be. Patient.

Molyenux is in town to promote Fable III, which did get an impressive showing at MS's conference.