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Legend of Zelda: Skyward Sword gameplay preview

Hands-on: We fiddle with Wii's first purpose-built Zelda...

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The slingshot is a simpler point-and-shoot weapon, and the whip weapon lets you grab items from afar, among other uses that we're yet to see.

Oddly, Nintendo's thrown in a new hovering contraption - the beetle - that you can guide through the air by tilting the remote. The idea is you can use the beetle to grab items to bring to Link or pick up and drop bomb plants, but it's a bit useless in the demo.

The very end of the E3 trial sees Link take on a giant grab (yes, a giant enemy crab). Victory is predictably all about fast directional sword slashes, and as the crab opens its pincers at different angles you have to quickly slash the eyes inside them.

The crab's final weak spot is a single eye in its head hidden behind a hard outer shell with a small hole in the centre, which can only be struck with a direct stabbing motion.

Despite playing the game we came away feeling like we know very little about what's in store with Link's latest adventure. The new one-to-one swordplay works well, but for those of you who've been calling for a radical change in the direction of the Zelda series, we're not sure the new swordplay will be enough.

We need to see more. We all know Zelda games routinely, almost effortlessly, boast industry-defining creativity and polish, and the trailer boasts hints of another brilliant Zelda quest. But will it posses the radical changes so many of us demand? We'll have to wait and see.

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