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LA Noire face tech will 'blow you away'

CVG agent more than impressed by Team Bondi's technology

LA Noire's face animation tech "blew me away," boldly says CVG E3 agent, Tim Clark.

Reporting on his behind closed doors encounter with LA Noire's face capture gubbins, the OPM editor-in-chief referred to impressive 1:1 lip sync, incredibly detailed character skin and real emotion in characters' eyes. Apparently it's amazing.

"The tech blew me away," said Clark. "Within seconds of watching it, every other cut scene I've seen before seems utterly clownish.

"The level of fidelity, not just in terms of detail, but the way the actors are able to convincingly evoke emotions, and suggest motivations that are often at odds with what they're saying, was just incredible. I can't wait to see more of LA Noire of the back of this."

LA Noire's set in Los Angeles in 1947 and has you playing as beat cop Cole Phelps, who's out to clean up the streets of the crime-filled city.

It's a bit Heavy Rain meets Mafia; as well as the regular sandbox stuff you'll also go about solving cases through a mixture of investigation, interviews and interrogations.

It's sounding and looking excellent - especially in characters' faces. Hit the link for more LA Noir details.