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Report: Kinect only works standing up

Start building those leg muslces...

Kinect won't work if players are sitting down, claim developers who've worked with Microsoft's motion cam.

Microsoft has said that playing Kinect sitting down "varies" by experience, but several developers have argued "the exact opposite", according to IGN.

We think, if true, this could massively hamper Kinect's popularity. Both the Wii and PlayStation Move allow players to sit down while playing, which is an essential for those who play games for hours on end.

Sounds like you'll have to 'drive' standing up in Forza Motorsport Kinect then.

We brought you the full line-up of Kinect launch titles on Monday.

Update: Aaron Greenberg posted on his Twitter account earlier, "Yes you can sit or stand with Kinect, depends on the game or experience." (Thanks Black Mantis)

It's pretty much a reiteration of Microsoft's 'it varies' comment above but could suggest you can race sitting down. Result.