E32010: 3DS to cost $249-$299 - analyst

Lazard's Colin Sebastian predicts late 2010 launch in Japan

Lazard Capital Markets analyst Colin Sebastian thinks Nintendo's 3DS will cost in the region of $249-$299.

"Nintendo's 3D-enabled handheld device (3DS) was the largest draw at E3, and we believe it will be successful at extending the company's leadership position in the portable market," he said (via Edge).

"Importantly, the 3DS does not require glasses or a 3D TV to enjoy a 3D experience, which we believe will resonate well with consumers," he added.

"We expect a late 2010 launch of the 3DS in Japan, followed by March 2011 in North America, with a price point in the $249-$299 range."

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[ SOURCE: Edge Online ]