New X-Com screenshots emerge

New screens from the 50's set FPS

You may fondly remember the duo of original X-Com games, UFO: Enemy Unknown and its sequel X-Com: Terror From the Deep which mixed classic strategy with turn-based tactics to form two of the seminal titles of the 90s.

Well, after a rather mixed period in which the X-Com series swerved around like a deranged Jabulani in various fairly unsuccessful incarnations, 2K Marin has decided to revive it in the form of the a Fifties-set first-person shooter, which sees you investigate strange goings on in American suburbia.


Deranged housewives, alien abductions, strange jelly-like extraterrestrials, this new X-Com appears to have it all and first shots have emerged for your perusal.

Our colleagues over at the newly launched PC have also been taking an in-depth look at the title if you need to know even more. And believe us, you do.