Crackdown 2 dev shares DLC duties

Responsibilities to be shared with external studios, dev confirms

Crackdown 2 developer Ruffian won't be solely responsible for developing the game's DLC, it has been revealed.

Instead, development of the premium DLC will be a collaborative effort between Dundee's Proper Games and Essex-based Spilt Milk Studios. INIT.

Spilt Milk Studios will specialise in 'Game Design and Level Design' for Crackdown 2's premium DLC while Proper Games will work closely in conjunction with Ruffian Studios.

"The opportunity to work with Proper Games on the Crackdown 2 PDLC was fantastic," said Andrew Smith, CEO of Spilt Milk Studios.

"The team there are so very dedicated and talented, and it was a pleasure to work with them on such an anticipated project. Seeing what we came up with, I can't wait to play it with the fans online - there's some great content coming!"

It's a fairly unusual move but the Spilt Milk CEO doesn't see it that way and believes it's a sign of things to come.

"Having worked at several companies in Dundee previous to the contract with Proper Games, I know first-hand the quality of talent the Scottish industry possesses," explained Smith.

"More and more we see games development taking cues from the movie industry and the way that creatives - not just developers - can move between projects and companies to spread their knowledge and expertise. This can only be a good thing for games in the future."

We'll see if it is a good thing when the DLC eventually hits, as it could well prove to be a winning partnership.

Still, if the DLC isn't particularly well received, you know there's going to be squeaky-bum time at a certain Essex studio.