Portal 2 PS3 cross-compatible with PC

Valve gunning for PC and PS3 co-op

Portal 2 on the PS3 could well be cross-compatible with the PC version, if Valve gets it way.

Valve developer Erik Johnson has said that PS3 users playing co-op with PC users is "something the team is gunning for."

When asked about the cross-compatibility between Steam and Steamworks Johnson said, "The plan is you will be able to play between console and PC."

Not only is this exciting for Portal fans on both platforms but it has strong implications for other Valve games like The Orange Box and future titles, which could be given the same treatment.

As for the 360, Johnson said that there were no plans for Steamworks to come to the console at the moment and that the decision ultimately lay with Microsoft.

Besides, Gabe Newell said that Portal 2 will be a better game on the PS3 than on the 360 anyway.

We brought you a Portal 2 trailer on Wednesday.

[ SOURCE: The Kartel ]