Xbox slim doesn't red ring... it 'red dots'

Microsoft support reveals our new friend: the red dot of death

Microsoft's confirmed that the new Xbox 360 'slim' doesn't suffer the red ring of death... because it's changed it to the 'red dot of death'.

Xbox's director of global marketing, Albert Pernello promised CVG earlier this week that the Red Ring problem had "pretty much gone away". But we didn't realise it was just because it's changed the LEDs around...


According to Microsoft's support team, while the new console won't display a "red ring" in times of hardware failure, it will still clearly indicate an error by switching its power indicator (the light in the centre of the ring) from green to red.

See a picture below, error fans.

The very sleek new 250GB Xbox 360 was announced at E3. It houses one fan - which Microsoft claims makes it a quieter machine than existing SKUs, which contain two.

Pernello told CVG of the red ring this week: "When you say [Red Ring] is an old problem, you've got to go really old. It's unfortunate, and I'm not trying to dismiss it. It hurts me personally when that happens. But it hasn't really happened for a while. The stuff we're seeing is only really happening to people with launch consoles.

"We wanted to make sure that this [250GB Xbox 360] is rock steady, rock solid."

[ SOURCE: Kotaku ]