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Demon's Souls previews 'were a disaster' - producer

Takeshi Kajii explains the problem with breaking the mould

Demon's Souls is now a favourite among gamers in Japan and the US, and European fans will be able to get their hands on the RPG in just one week.

But the initial showcasing of the game in Japan didn't go at all smoothly, according to producer Takeshi Kajii, with many confused by the game's unusual mechanics.

"When we first demo'd Demon's Souls at the Tokyo Game Show it was nothing short of a disaster," Kajii told Edge.

"People were initially excited about the idea of a dark fantasy game, but they were so critical of the gameplay. Many people presumed we were still working on the combat, despite it being nearly finished!"

"The truth is Demon's Souls is just not well suited to previews, particularly at shows," he continued.

"Because of the action-RPG style people simply expected it to handle in the same way as Sengoku Muso. When it didn't, they were left disoriented."

"Only a handful of players finished the demo. Some even put the controller down at the character-creation screen."

Alls well that ends well though, with Demon's Souls becoming a worldwide favourite. OPM gave the game a 9 out of 10 earlier this month ahead of the European release.

It hits European shelves on June 25.

[ SOURCE: Edge (magazine) ]