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CVG: The week's best comments (E3 edition)

We laughed. Why? Because you made us

What a week! E3's kept us busy to say the least and we hope you enjoyed every last morsel.

Whenever we weren't wading through letters brought by carrier pigeon - each with a hint, tip or confirmation more earth-shattering than the next - we were reading your comments.

These are just some of those that made us laugh. Some of them only caused a sharp nasal exhalation, but that counts.

As always, keep talking in the comments section. Normality resumes on Monday.

Move gets gun attachment

Could be the solution for people who refuse to play FPS games on console because of the shoddy control method.

I refuse.

But this would work. But only if it is about £15
sweatyBallacks seems to think that electronic devices only work if they are priced at £15.

MS 'f***ed up with E3 conference' - UPDATE

*Gasp* CVG said 'Fuck' without censoring it! I'm telling my Mum!
We got a phone call from Squall5005's mum. She told us to stop swearing.

Pics: Xbox 360 slim vs PS3 slim

ONE WORD!!!!! POWER BRICK???????????
boskersrevenge do you want to tell benstevens that...

That's two words. Lol
Yeah that's right boskersrevenge it is two words. benstevens got it wrong.

I think the main thing that the next generation of consoles needs to have above all else, is limbs. So that they can just be left in a room to beat the s**t out of each other. We can then all go for a pint, come back and just see who's won, take him home and stick him under our telly.
buffig invents the cock fighting of consoles.

I'm not getting involved
JammyJames gets involved, but only to say he isn't getting involved.

Xbox 360 Slim gets mod treatment

LED's make everything better
Except heartbreak Insidious. Nothing can cure heartbreak but time

2010's sexiest E3 booth babes

What is Pac-Man doing in here? I find the sexualisation of him disgusting... yet arousing.
Josh_3691 , we have to point out Pac-Man is merely standing in that photo. He hasn't been sexualised, you just fancy him.

It's what's on the inside that counts.
*snigger* Oh RandyTandy you joker.

What? GT5 screenshots? Unheard of. I've certainly never seen any before.
See, it's funny because Dajmin actually had seen GT5 screenshots before.

Heavy Rain Move trailer released

This will always be funny to us Multiplayerking

360 Slim still scratches discs - report

Ok, now I'll say this slowly...

The. 360. Is. Not. A. Barbie.

The controller is for moving.
There you go peeps. Not a Barbie. Cheers boskersrevenge

That must be where I'm going right. I'm usually preoccupied with playing games when my 360s on, I'm generally not moving the furniture.
When you get to our level zombiesinmyhead you learn to move furniture while gaming with no detriment to your playing whatsoever.