$199 Xbox slim in 'fall', Kinect bundles confirmed

Internal document details Microsoft's Xbox slim plans

An internal marketing Q&A has apparently outed Microsoft's plans to release the previously confirmed cheaper $199 slim Xbox 360 this autumn.

The current slim model comes with internal Wi-Fi, a 250GB hard drive and retails for $299 (£199). MS has already said it plans to release a cheaper model for $199, but didn't disclose the "fall" release that this document mentions, and neither detail which features will be cut back for the cheaper SKU.

Speculation points at it having no built-in Wi-Fi and a smaller hard drive if any at all. We'd be shocked if MS chooses not to include any hard drive in it.

According to reports, the Q&A also confirms plans for Xbox 360 slim and Kinect bundles for later this year, although on those it reads "we have no additional details about pricing or retail strategy to share at this time."

[ SOURCE: Kotaku ]