Iwata: Avatar success was 'great luck for 3DS'

Nintendo boss acknowledges significance of 3D popularisation prior to 3DS reveal

Nintendo boss man Satoru Iwata has said that the success and timing of James Cameron's Avatar movie in 3D was 'great luck' for 3DS.

"What was great luck for us was that the movie Avatar became a big hit a year after we decided to work on the 3DS," admitted Iwata.

"The TV manufacturers also decided to make 3D a big part of their newest TVs, just as we were preparing to launch at E3. It was great luck because two years ago, when we made the decision, it was just impossible to predict these things. Looking back, all of our work paid off.

"You have trial and error. But we were able to track the progress and predict when the technology would be mature."

The Nintendo 3DS, which does 3D without the need for glasses, was revealed at E3 last week to much critical acclaim. Read our Nintendo 3DS review here.

[ SOURCE: Venture Beat ]