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Metal Gear 3DS: Kojima still 'experimenting' with 3D

Developer will 'adjust' the game after listening to feedback.

Hideo Kojima has said he'll adjust Metal Gear Solid: Snake Eater 3D after listening to the feedback from those who saw the demo at E3.

"I'm experimenting with what the game would look like in on a handheld device," admitted Kojima. "I've selected an environment that can really utilise the effects of 3D. It's a jungle. There are things in front of you, away from you and even further down. I want people to get a little surprised, to feel the sense of depth and even height. After I look at how it turns out at E3, I plan to adjust things as I hear people's thoughts and impressions."

If he's had the time to read our 3DS review, he'll know that we were blown away by the Metal Gear Solid demo.

Kojima has also spoken of his surprise when Nintendo first showed him the 3DS. "I didn't know about it at all," he says. "They just asked me to sit and look at the screen. The screen suddenly became 3D so yeah, I was surprised. Not just the visuals but in using the hardware specs in game mechanics, you're now able to do things that were impossible on a handheld.

"You can really feel depth and realism has drastically improved, so you can really feel a sense of immersion. Plus I can think of many ways in implementing 3D and a sense of depth into gameplay, so I am really interested."

[ SOURCE: Nintendo ]