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Nintendo 3DS GPU info revealed

Tech heads rejoice - the facts are in...

Tech company DMP has announced that it has made the GPU chip for 3DS - and given us a rundown of its capabilities.

According to the firm, the system will be using the PICA200 GPU chip.

A Japanese press release reads:

'The PICA200 scales with up to four pipelines and processes from up to four programmable vertex units. The 3D core, using their proprietary graphics technology named MAESTRO-2G, the second generation of the Maestro design, implements custom graphics algorithms as hardware for enabling a set of shading features that include per-vertex sub-surface scattering, bidirectional reflectance distribution function, cook-torrance, polygon subdivision, and soft shadowing.

'Their image post-processing module, the PICA-FBM frame buffer management, can polish the image with anti-aliasing and a set of other 2D functions and can actually be licensed independently as a core for 2D-only devices. In either case, the PICA-FBM can be extended with a PICA-VG vector graphics module.'

Whatever's under the hood, it's darn impressive. Check out our Nintendo 3DS tech review for more.