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'Call of Duty inspired Hot Pursuit' - EA

EA marketing VP talks about "first-person driving"

Crashing in Need for Speed: Hot Pursuit is like taking a bullet in Call of Duty.

At least that's what the vice president of marketing at EA reckons: "We've taken inspiration from shooters - Bad Company and Call of Duty, for example," Keith Munro told Edge.

"That really inspired the in-cockpit action you saw in Shift, to make people feel what the real driving experience is like."

"We talked about it being first-person driving instead of first-person shooting - the impact you feel in a race car is not dissimilar to taking a bullet in Battlefield. That inspired the in-cockpit action; it's violent and aggressive."

He added: "Another thing we took away from Battlefield and COD is how smart and addictive the online play," he continued. "You'll see a lot of that in Hot Pursuit - a big focus of that game is on social connection."

We brought you a Need For Speed: Hot Pursuit gameplay video earlier today. It doesn't show the cockpit view but you can still see some of that 'CoD' aggression in action.