MS gives Kinect $149 pricetag

Microsoft Store lists price point, along with several e-tailers

Yet another retailer has listed Xbox 360 Kinect for $149 (about £100) - but this time it's Microsoft's official online shop.

According to the Kinect listing on the MS Store, the $149 pack will include the Kinect sensor, power supply cable, user manual and a 'wi-fi extension cable'... whatever that is.

The MS listing follows a report last night that Kinect will costs the platform holder $150 to manufacture. Would Microsoft really take a $1 loss on each unit?

Amazon and US chain, GameStop also listed the 360 motion cam for $149 - so the price point is looking more and more real.

This is all despite Microsoft's Aaron Greenberg saying that all Kinect prices are speculative via Twitter last week.

So... £100. Would you buy it at a high price?

[ SOURCE: MS Store ]