$299 3DS would sell 10m - Pachter

"The experience is well worth a price that high," says analyst

Nintendo would quickly sell ten million 3DS consoles at "any price below $300," reckons games industry analyst, Michael Pachter.

Sharing his post-E3 thoughts with CVG, the Wedbush Nostradamus said that in his opinion, the Nintendo 3DS is "well worth a price that high".

"The 3DS was SO much better than I ever imagined, it has to be the hit of the show," Pachter told CVG. "I think that they can sell out the first 10 million at any price below $300, and think that the experience is well worth a price that high."

That's good news then, because another industry analyst predicted last week that the 3DS will cost in the region of $249-$299.

Commenting on the other platform holders' big E3 annoucements, Pachter said, "Move and Kinect are going to succeed, limited only by pricing."

He added: "I thought that the killer app on Move was EyePet (which probably doesn't even need a Move Controller), and the killer app on Kinect was Dance Central. The latter title will probably have the best attach rate of any title on either system. It was really something to play."

If anyone has footage of Michael playing Dance Central, please e-mail it to the usual address.