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Hideo Kojima gets thumbs up from John Carpenter

Movie director gave blessing to MGS creator for Solid Snake character

Escape From New York director John Carpenter has told CVG that he gave his blessing to Hideo Kojima to use the movie's Snake Plissken as inspiration for Metal Gear Solid's Solid Snake.

Carpenter - who also directed Halloween, They Live, The Thing and Big Trouble In Little China - revealed that Kojima wrote to him to ask his permission before creating MGS.

Kurt Russell plays anti-hero Snake Plissken in Escape From New York. A decorated war veteran, he later turns to a life of crime before becoming a fugitive.

The movie - based in the 'future' 1997 - focuses on his attempts to find the US President on Manhattan Island, which has been turned into a maximum security prison.

"[Hideo Kojima] has written me and asked me for my blessing on the game and I wrote him back [to say] how about it?" said Carpenter. "He's a very nice man."

Carpenter has more recently been hard at work creating the story for F.3.A.R - Warner Bros much-anticipated horror FPS.

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