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The UK racing studio's Darren Jobling answers our questions...

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We've heard a lot about head tracking in racing games recently. Do you think this will become a genuine trend - and is it something you're working on?
Head tracking certainly has the potential to really add an extra dimension to gameplay, whether or not it becomes a standard feature within games is yet to be seen though. We will certainly be looking to see if its implementation would improve the experience of our games, so who knows what's round the corner?

Are you - or will you with the new money - create any Move or Natal titles?
We are always working with the major manufacturers to find ways of using current and future technology to further enrich the experience gamers get from our games. At the moment it is all confidential but watch this space...


Could this cash help Eutechnyx diversify to create more than just the racing titles you're famous for?
Eutechnyx has developed over 350 games in our 20 years, ranging from football management to shooters. We are currently working with Deep Silver in the development of Ride to Hell for PS3 and Xbox 360 - an action adventure game based on late '60s biker gang culture in the USA. So we have been diversifying even without the cash.

Do you think it's necessary for UK studios to drum up this kind of investment to survive?
I'm not sure any studio is looking to just "survive" - survival makes for a really bad business plan and is not attractive to potential investors. Unfortunately, investors aren't looking for their money to prop up failing businesses. Deals like the one we have done are designed to take studios to the next level and ensure stability during the development phase.

We will be using our investment for expansion, increasing our staff, enriching the gameplay experience of our upcoming titles and bringing to market some really innovative new titles.

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