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Nintendo 'very much committed' to DS support

Introduction of new 3DS won't wrestle out current DS support just yet

Nintendo has told CVG today that it's "still very much committed" to support for the current DS.

Nintendo officially revealed the (amazing) 3DS to the world at E3 last week and promised its release worldwide by March 2011. The current DS console's days are inevitably numbered and the new console will take the baton completely at some point - but that point is no time soon, says Nintendo.

"In terms of DS support we're still very much committed to the platform and to making new and interesting titles for it," a Nintendo rep told us.

Although 3DS stole the limelight at E3, the current DS (the 2DS - can we be the first to call it that?) still has a strong line-up which, as the Nintendo rep pointed out, includes "Dragon Quest IX, Professor Layton and the Unwound Future, Golden Sun, Pokemon Ranger and Mario vs. Donkey Kong - all new titles shown at E3 last week."

So, get all excited as you read our Nintendo 3DS tech review, but don't give your DS to your baby sister to chew on just yet - there are plenty more treats on the way.