Monster Hunter 360 pricing detailed

Sharpen your swords, Live hunters

Capcom has detailed the pricing structure for its Xbox 360 Monster Hunter game, Frontier.

The basic subscription is referred to as a 'Hunters Life Course' and is available for 30 days for 930 points (£7.97), 60 days for 1770 points (£15) and 90 days for 2520 points (£21.60).

A 30 day 'Extra Course' option is available for 400 points (£3.43) and provides the player with additional services. The final option is a 'Premium Course' for 650 points (£5.57), this gives you access to premium quests for 72 hours.

These additional courses are add-ons to an existing basic subscription.

Monster Hunter: Frontier is set for release in Japan this week but is not confirmed for Europe as of yet, however this pricing structure may be indicative of what European hunters may have to pay.

It's all a bit confusing, what do you make of this madness?