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M.I.A: Video games teach kids violence

Opinionated Paper Planes star says software is desensitising kids to war

Political-activist-cum-pop-princess M.I.A has claimed that video games are teaching kids violence - and preparing them for war.

However, the outspoken Paper Planes songwriter - real name Mathangi "Maya" Arulpragasam - said she was resigned to her young son playing 18/M-rated titles as he grows up.

She told Connect magazine in the US that she "saw violence all the time" during her upbringing in Jaffna, Sri Lanka, adding: "My kid's gonna see it, but he's gonna see it in computer games."

She continued: "I don't know which is worse. The fact that I saw it in my life has maybe given me lots of issues, but there's a whole generation of American kids seeing violence on their computer screens and then getting shipped off to Afghanistan.

"They feel like they know the violence when they don't. Not having a proper understanding of violence, especially what it's like on the receiving end of it, just makes you interpret it wrong and makes inflicting violence easier."